Recently founded, Base Your Space is a Riverland Refinishing company. Our inspiration to create Base Your Space came after numerous clients expressed their desire to offer them our unique designs and custom finishes. We sell Up-cycled Furniture, Wallpaper Retail & Wholesale, and we offer Furniture Design, 

Home Decor Consultation and Custom Made Live Edge Tables.

        Up-Cycled Furniture Designed  by 

Refinished by Riverland Refinishing 

Up-cycling is a modern way of taking antique, vintage and unused items and modifying them to get a second life. Old items are turned into a totally unique and new product making it a great way of adding a distinctive style and personality to your home. Up-cycled furniture is also earth friendly.

Fall in love with one of our already curated pieces.

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Furniture Design 

Furniture design for pieces you already own that need a second life, creating a mood board of your new, vintage, or antique piece to give it a unique and customized look.

 And since we are a Riverland Refinishing company, we are able to refinish the piece in-house, making it a one-stop-shop for you.

Home Decor Consultation 

Creation of mood board. This includes selection of space colors, textures, fabric, decor items and furniture pieces.

Meet Ana Carolina Ravell

Our Furniture Design &

Home Decor Consultation



Ana is a passionate architect, interior designer, furniture curator and owner of The Afterlife. Ana worked as an architect until she up-cycled her first piece of retro furniture in Venezuela in 2014, as a co-owner of Butaca Design. Now as part of the Base Your Space team since 2019, Ana injects new life into furniture by flipping old pieces into unique contemporary designs, and transform spaces that reflect your passions, as well as her personal aesthetic, creating your perfect living space.

Custom Made Live Edge Tables

Tell us about what you have in mind, pick the wood (Figured Cherry, Walnut, Cuban Mahogany, Rosewood, Butternut, Sycamore, other), select a base style and let us build your dream table. From start to finish, every step in the creation of our live edge tables is carefully considered.

Wallpaper Retail & Wholesale 

Wallpaper Retail & Wholesale 

All wallpapers come from Dubai and are personally selected.

Choose from many colors, patterns and textures such as embroidered, linen, embossed, metallic, floral, wood, geometric, naturals, bricks and stones.

All wallpapers are sold by the roll.

Square footage per roll: 176.87 sq ft.

Roll dimensions: 41.7" W x 600 L" / 3.47' W x 50 L'

*Shipping is included. Delivery could take up to 10 days. Installation is not included.

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